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Our Core Value

Learning (L’dor V’dor) –

We stand for learning and the principle of l’dor v’dor, the passing of Jewish values, wisdom, and traditions from
generation to generation. We are committed to robust Jewish education
for our children and teens; adult learning through the interactive study of
Torah and Jewish history, custom, and practice; family events imbued with
song and customs; and fostering meaningful ties with Israel and the
Jewish people worldwide.

Activism (Tikkun Olam) –

We are deeply committed to the repair of the
the world through everyday acts, participation in interfaith and community
programs, and dedicated advocacy that furthers the cause of justice.



Spirituality –

We celebrate spirituality, Jewish tradition, and Jewish life
through Shabbat and holiday services rich in song and prayer. We
encourage thoughtful exploration of the significance and expression of
spirituality within the broad framework of Jewish tradition.




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