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Learning (L’dor V’dor) – We stand for learning and the principle of l’dor v’dor, the passing of Jewish values, wisdom, and traditions from generation to generation. We are committed to robust Jewish education for our children and teens; adult learning through the interactive study of Torah and Jewish history, custom, and practice; family events imbued with song and customs; and fostering meaningful ties with Israel and the Jewish people worldwide.

Explore Our Learning Opporunities

At Landfield Avenue Synagogue, we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community that values learning, growth, and spiritual exploration. Our Learn Page serves as a hub for individuals of all ages and backgrounds seeking to deepen their understanding of Jewish traditions, history, and culture.

Education is a cornerstone of our synagogue's mission. We believe that by engaging in lifelong learning, we can strengthen our connections to our faith, our heritage, and each other. Whether you're a seasoned scholar or just starting your journey, we have something for everyone.

“At Landfield Avenue Synagogue, we embrace the idea that learning is a lifelong journey. No matter where you are in your spiritual or educational path, we invite you to join us on this enriching adventure. Our welcoming community, dedicated teachers, and diverse learning opportunities await you.."
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